Shri Shankar Maharaj Khandarkar

Late Shankar Maharaj Khandarkar (1923-1985 A.D.) is a pioneer among those whose efforts were responsible for the development and expansion of the Warkari Sampraday (Cult) in Maharashtra during the 20th Century. Revered Maharaj was born in the family of famous Saint Shri Sadhu Maharaj (who went to the heavenly abode in 1812) of Kandhar in Nanded District. With the context of the very devotional tradition the basic pensive tendency of Maharaj acquired many facets of personality. In the very loving and intelligent company and blessings of, highly respected Maha Mahopadhyay Yadnyeshwar Shastri Kasture, and the most learned Bhagwan Shastri Dharurkar, the personality of Maharaj blossomed with humility and sublime divinity. His intellect flourished with sweetness because of the alchemy of the words of Saints. His words became like juice of sweet fruits. He literary combed the entire Maharashtra for about three and a half decades or over 30-40 years with hisĀ  discourses and learned lectures (Kirtan and Pravachan ). His discourses were deep and serene like the quiet flow of the Ganga. His discourse was like a feast of starlit full moon for the Chakor bird (Chakor = A Greek bird). Moreover, during the four-month (Chaturmas) sacred period he used to go to Pandharpur to teach sacred books of the Vedanta in Sanskrit. People liked him because of his original peaceful and humble disposition.

Maharaj authored a number of books. Late Shankar Maharaj Khandarkar is the only author who wrote treatises on the trilogy of Devotional Cult (Warkari Sampraday), namely Dnyaneshwari, Ekanathi Bhagawat, and Tukaramachi Gatha. In addition, he wrote valuable theses on Anubhavamrit, Haripath, and Ekanathi Bharude with annotated meanings, Pasayadan of Dnyaneshwar and the biography of Shri Namdev Maharaj. These treatises are very popular among the research scholars even today.