Dr. Yashawant Sadhu's Literature

The Late Shankar Maharaj Khandarkar Trust does not limit its work to publish the literature written by Shankar Maharaj, but also to bring out writings of those individuals who have been engaged in the in-depth study of Sant literature. With this in view, the trust has published the following literature of Dr. Yashawant Sadhu, son of Shankar Maharaj, and more importantly the senior scholar, researcher and devotee of Shankar Maharaj. Gavaksha, Manthan, Anwaya –the books which search deeply to issues raised in the middle age Marathi literature have been published by other publishers. However, the trust has published his following books that especially made significant contribution to the ancient Marathi literature.

1. Nilobachi Abhangwani: Understanding and Appreciation

Sant Nilobaray Pimpalnerkar is the blessed disciple of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. It is because of him only that the Maharashtra devotional cult flowered into many branches and sub-branches of Maharashtra. With his chanting 'Dnyanoba Tukaram, Dnyaneshwar Mauli Dnyanaraj Mauli Tukaram 'he abridged the period of 400 years between Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram.Nilobaray's Abhangwani stands out because of its literature qualities and thoughtfulness. Dr. Sadhu, for the first time, brought into light the life and historical work of Niloba. Also Dr. Sadhu has presented his appreciation of some selective and representative abhangas of Nilobaray for the pleasure of readers.
It is remarkable fact that this book was later awarded by the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad (Pune) as the best publication in the Sant Literature in 1988.

2. Sant Nilobarayakrit Sarth Shritukaramstuti.

Sant Nilobaray has sung 332 adulatory stanzas (Shlokas) for Sant Tukaram Maharaj. These stanzas are a worship of Guru Parabramh i.e. the Almighty God and Guru. Through various stanzas Niloba has offered the flowers of adoration Self-realized and universal true guru Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Dr. Sadhu's Sarth Tukaramstuti, is imbued with fragrance of his flowers of adoration. Dr. Sadhu has revealed in very simple words the supreme self-realized and philosophical content of each stanza.

3. Dasmaruti-written Shri Sadhusudha

Dr. Sadhu edited and published the Bhavarth Ekanathi Bhagwat, Anubhavamruta Bhashya, of late Shankar Maharaj Kandharkar. He also edited Shri Sadhusudha written by late Maruti Maharaj Brahmachari (shrine at Loha, Nanded).Shri Sadhusudha is a biography in 16 chapters written in poetic stanza form with a very pleasant style. Shri Sadhu Maharaj was a very well-known eighteenth century saint of Marathwada. Shri Sadhu Maharaj did a historical important work of bringing together the Hindus, Muslims, Shaiva, Vaishnava Ganapatya, Madhva, Shakta divided in innumerable ways into a religious fold in an all-pervading formula based on Bhagwat Geeta. In the preface to the above book, Dr. Sadhu has very critically explained the biography and the work of Sant Shri Sadhu Maharaj. The tradition of his disciples is spread in branches and sub-branches throughout Marathwada. Dr. Sadhu has brought to light the life and work of an unknown Sant of Maharathwada.